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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

♥ This Is How I Love. Forever.

I love you from when my hair was this long

To when my hair is this long

And I would still love you when I have no more hair left.

♥ When you think of perfection, I hope you think of me.
8/11/2010 02:12:00 AM

Thursday, March 11, 2010

♥ It's Not Hard To Sek Lei

youre so amazing adorable cute hot sexy funny playful cheerful mature immature responsible independent dependent manja pretty beautiful smart whiney needy mushy sticky clingy and everything in between the ground and the stars


♥ When you think of perfection, I hope you think of me.
3/11/2010 11:15:00 PM

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

♥ Letter To Self.

Go be all that you can be.
Before you realize it is too late.

♥ When you think of perfection, I hope you think of me.
3/03/2010 01:53:00 AM

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

♥ Mr. Ganesh

You made History lessons worth staying awake for when all I want to do is sleep.
You made learning fun.
You made us laugh.
You had a hand in making us they way we are now.
You were our teacher, you were our friend.

I remember in Form 4,one day, we weren't in the mood to study. We switched off the lights in the class and we ALL pretended to be asleep before you entered class. When you entered, you were cool and didn't scold us but went on with it. I had really long hair then and I pretended to be Ju-On to scare you but instead Capri got scared and cried. Of course then we had to eventually 'wake up' and get on with our lesson but you were the coolest teacher I know.

I remember your Golden Words come exam times.
I remember one time, this time in Form 5, when your Golden Words weren't so Golden, Sze Keat went around class distributing old newspaper to crumple and throw at you. When you came into class, we ALL threw crumpled newspaper at you for misinforming us about the exam. You didn't get mad. And we all laughed about it. It was one of the most memorable moments I have in high school and you made it possible.

And I went thru some pretty hard times during high school and was sent for counselling with you. You made me feel so comfortable. You really cared about what I had to say and listened as I cry. I never thanked you enough for that.

In fact, I don't think I have ever thanked you personally.

I heard the news about you having cancer on last Thursday. I felt sad. I felt guilty for not keeping in touch. I wanted to say a prayer for you.
I didn't, and now it's too late.

I know you are in a better place now. I just want you to know that you lived a good life, you made an impression in my life. And I am sure many others would agree with me. You will be missed and may you rest in peace.

♥ When you think of perfection, I hope you think of me.
3/02/2010 03:53:00 AM

Monday, March 01, 2010

♥ Plants Vs. Zombies

I. Am. Addicted.

And my boyfriend won't give me a download link. =(

♥ When you think of perfection, I hope you think of me.
3/01/2010 10:37:00 PM

Monday, February 08, 2010

♥ Happy One Month.

Although it's only been a month, I want to thank you for being my boyfriend.
Thank you for loving me back.

♥ When you think of perfection, I hope you think of me.
2/08/2010 12:24:00 AM

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

♥ My Reason to SWW

♥ When you think of perfection, I hope you think of me.
1/19/2010 11:33:00 PM

♥ the goddess ;

Shannon Goh.
Eighteen at heart.
Twenty1 at large.
A princess.


    Due to never ending complaints,
    I budge in the end.
    Only Shannon gets to shout =]

♥ Took Time To See